Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your gowns from?

Most come from Astra Bridal stores or have been purchased brand new from international designers.

What service do you offer?

When you come in you will have somene to work with you to find the best gown from our range for your body shape and style of wedding.  Our staff have extensive fashion and bridal experience so their expertise will make the selection easy for you.

Do I need an appointment?

Do give us a call before you come.  Weekdays are usually fine, but sometimes on a weekend everyone seems to come at once!  It might be a case of going for a coffee until a fitting room is free.

 Are they new or second hand?

None have been worn for a wedding before so in that sense they are new.  Some may have imperfections from being tried on or used in a fashion show.  The discount on the price reflects these imperfections.

Do you sell gowns on behalf?

No we don't. We suggest trademe as the best place to sell your gown.

Do you hire?

No we don't - our prices are actually cheaper than hire shops.  So buy your gown and either get to keep it or resell it afterwards to make some money back.

Where are your gowns made?

Each designer has their own workroom.  So some are made in Australia (Chantilly and Anastasia) but the majority are made in China.  China is the global home of the worlds garment construction experts.

Does the price include alterations?

We can refer you to our list of alteration experts, New Zealand wide.  But as the gown you try on is the gown you buy it is usually only little tweaks that are required.

Will you store my gown until my wedding?

We are unable to store your gown as we don't have any storage capacity.  We do have breathable hanging bags available for purchase which are the best way to store your gown before (and after) the wedding.

What is your price range?

We have gowns as low as $349 and then up to $2995.  You can view our gowns by price.